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31st-Oct-2005 02:37 pm - Multiboot Themes
ds anim
I just tossed up a DS homebrew website for the stuff I'm working on (ds.spacemonkeymafia.com). Right now, I don't have any working homebrew projects, but I have a theme for Mighty Max's GBAMP Multiboot. It's a Simpsons theme.
This theme includes replacement background screens for all areas, a replacement font (based on the Akbar font), and Simpsons character icons.

[ webpage ]
[ download ]
27th-Oct-2005 12:04 am - Find your DS's MAC address
ds anim
Need to find your DS's MAC address? Sgstair has released a firmware viewer. The DS's MAC address is the last two bytes of line 30, and the first four bytes on line 38. I'm curious to see if the FlashMe overwrote this value. If anyone else has applied FlashMe, in particular Chishm's firmware v2 (wrong firmware, bust still people who applied the FlashMe), what's the value for your MAC address? Mine is 00-09-bf-34-df-00.

[ download ]
25th-Oct-2005 04:27 pm - Moonshell 0.5
Moonshell v0.5 ... The latest version of Moonshell has been released today. I helped in a very small part with testing, since there was a bug in loading. I feel very proud that I contributed a tiny bit. In this version, MP3s aren't blipping anymore, and images seem to be displaying more properly. Would play around DMV files, but seeing as how they're 8 times larger than the GBA MP's GBM/GBS files, I think I'll stick with the default GBA MP movie player for those.

[ download ]
24th-Oct-2005 07:47 pm - Nintendogs Trainer
Nintendo DS
Have Nintendogs? Bored of it? Nintendogs Trainer ... get all the items, have any breed you want, make your dog as big as the room.
24th-Oct-2005 07:41 pm - SaTa's Apps
ds anim
NDS Memo ... draw yourself up to 6 memos that get stored to your CF card via the hacked GBA MP. The only problem I have with it is that it saves the memo files to the root directory, which I try to keep clean since I'm using MightyMax's Multiloader and a folder structure to keep my files organized. But still, this just brings us one step closer to the DS as PDA. The biggest complaint I have is that the touch screen support suffers from that old problem where it occassionally jumps across the screen.

Source code is available (which should help me in making my own app but with a virtual keyboard and text, as well as maybe I can change where it saves and reads the memo files from).

*(note: the first time you run it, it takes a bit before it responds, because it's saving files for the 6 memo saves, so sit tight for a minute)

[ download ]

RAIN ... back-up and restore NDS game saves to your CF card via the hacked GBA MP. It also supports back-up and restore from SRAM. Though, I haven't been able to get it to work. The NDS EPROM TOOL worked, but doesn't seem to support Type 3 saves, like in Advance Wars or Nintendogs. RAIN supports those, but all I get is a white screen. :/

[ download ]
23rd-Oct-2005 01:15 am - dsGo 1.0
Nintendo DS
dsGo 1.0!!! A Go game for the DS. Ultimate Brain Games is supposed to have a game of Go in it, but until then, here's a homebrewed version. Sadly, no touch screen support, though. But still, it is a working Go game.

[ download ]
19th-Oct-2005 02:22 pm - Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection article
The Cheat Kinopio
x-posted to nintendo_ds & ds_homebrew
Sorry if this seems spam-ish but no use trying to copy the same stuff over here.

I figured I'd share my write-up about some things relating to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Head over to BigRedPimp no DSDev if you're interested. A direct link can be found here.
18th-Oct-2005 09:07 pm - PicrossDS
ds anim
PicrossDS is an amazingly fun puzzle game. Because of some devkitpro + PAlib issues, the stylus support is not working in the 0.3 release, but it's still a wicked fun game. I can't wait to give it a go when the stylus is working. I guess I could give version 0.2 a try. But seriously, and hour of my life just mysteriously disappeared.

[ download ]
25th-Sep-2005 04:50 pm(no subject)
Do not, I repeat DO NOT run any Homebrew on your Nintendo DS, GBAMP, SUPERCARD until the below situation is resolved.
DarkFader, the person who cracked the Nintendo DS, was behind the creation of the NeoFlash, the MAN who ran the Nintendo DS ROM release group GST (Golden Sun Team) has released a small program that will erase your Nintendo DS firmware, GBAMP firmware and/or your SuperCard Firmware and the release is supported and endorsed by the DSDEV (#dsdev) community of dev's (who most receieve free NeoFlash devkits) and have been payed off by NeoFlash to, in this instance, litterly KILL the competition.
The code used in the original bricking application has been ripped and now is being added to other homebrew and romsso if you run one without checking it first you'll end up with a dead Nintendo DS, GBAMP and/or SuperCard. This is a verycounter-productive move on the Nintendo DS's Development Community as their code to disrupt piracy (which they helped create) is now being used in their own programs!
Just image going to run NESDS and having your Nintendo DS die! Luckily, if you use the FlashMe Firmware replacement for the Nintendo DS you can recover from this deadly attack by booting up the system any holding "A+B+START+SELECT" then loading the Firmware from a flashcart other then your SuperCard (as it's most likely been destroyed).

More info from http://www.tehskeen.net/

I dont know if this thing is real, but Ive been seeing it around in different spots. This is one of the few places without the warning so I figured Id supply it. Needless to say, this sucks. Darkfader is like the Grandaddy of all DS Homebrew and the GBAMP even... So yeah, this sucks.

However, Sgstair has reiterated on his forum that he has nothing to with this and it will not be a part of his wifi work. Also, it seems MightyMaxs wonderful gbamp multiboot loader is clean. He has a few updates, so Ill be updating my card. If Im bricked Ill let you guys know fo sho. Be careful with your homebrew, ya dig?

If you do come across it, it will probably be advertised as something too good to be true. Like N64 emulator for the DS or something.
25th-Sep-2005 12:44 am - soon, so very soon.
I have now got transmit working smoothly and the DS has successfully associated to an access point :) From here on it's just TCP/IP integration.

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