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DS Brewery

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The DS Brewery is a place for people to share information on the DS Homebrew community.

Who this community is for:
- People interested in what the DS homebrewing community (at large, not just LJ) has to offer.
- People wanting to keep up to date on DS homebrew developments.
- People writing DS homebrew games and apps.
- People looking for help in any of the above areas.

Who this community is NOT for:
- People looking for illegal ROMs or warez.
- People looking for information on commercial games.
- People not interested in talking about DS homebrewing.
- George Lucas.
- Spammers.

If anything posted to this community is off-topic or out of place, a comment will be left stating as such, and then post will be deleted. Anyone spamming this community will immediately be banned from the community, and then the post will be deleted.

Nintendo DS Information:
NDSTech Wiki

Run Homebrew Games & Apps:
you'll need one of these...
and one of these...
GBA MP (firmware update)
GBA flash cart
or just this...
NEO Flash
or WiFiMe with FlashMe

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